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Executive Search

Working on an exclusive, retained basis and in close partnership with our clients, we build an in-depth knowledge of your business. Truly understanding how your organisation works enables us to create a compelling story to attract, engage and introduce the very best talent for you.


This insight allows us to rigorously assess candidates’ suitability and cultural fit for your organisation. The combination of detailed market mapping, dynamic attraction and full assessment enables us to secure the people who can help transform your business and fulfil your strategic objectives.

Interim Management

Interim Managers are fundamentally different from permanent employees, contractors or management consultancies, providing immediate hands-on support for short periods; typically between three to nine months.


Interim Managers are there to make a real impact, deliver the solution, impart their knowledge and then leave. Because of their focus on rapid results they are a highly cost effective way of delivering business growth, transformation, turnaround or filling gaps in senior leadership.


A range of organisational gaps or imperatives can drive the need for an Interim Manager within a company. Typically they will fall into one of nine business drivers:

  • Change management: to lead a major improvement/transformation project.
  • Crisis management: to address urgent and major issues/turnaround.
  • Implementing a major initiative (product launch, relocation).
  • Temporary “skill/competence” shortage.
  • Temporary management “capacity” shortage.
  • Strengthening a project team.
  • Bridging time needed to hire someone permanently.
  • Bridging time needed to fill a temporary absence (illness, secondment).
  • Client was required by its Bank or Tax/Government authority to engage an interim executive or board.


The key benefits of utilising an Interim Manager are:

  • Their cost effectiveness
  • Their impact to increased efficiency
  • Their value in terms of experience and expertise – often overqualified
  • Their focus on delivering the solution to achieve measurable success
  • The speed at which a client is able to appoint an Interim Manager

Market Research & Talent Mapping

Leveraging our in-house research capability, our range of Business & People Intelligence services facilitates and improves strategic decision making.


In our experience, each client has their own specific needs and objectives for these types of projects. Examples of what we have provided our clients include market mapping & talent pipelining, competitor insight, reward & compensation evaluation, reputation studies. Whatever you seek to achieve, MA Executive will deliver the knowledge and insight to enable you to make strategic decisions.

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