Casual Office

Casual Office

Is Casual Clothing in the Office the Way Forward…?

Working in a professional and conservative industry, it has become a way of office life to come into work in your 3 piece suit, maybe ditch the tie on the odd day, but a suit or ‘business’ attire none the less.
But as the economy evolves and the next generation start to take over, is it time to ditch the shiny shoes and opt for converse…
Why do we wear suits…to show the professionalism of the company we work for? To feel like we are going to work? To make an impression?
Living in a democratic society, shouldn’t we have the choice of what to wear to the office? Lots of questions to factor in when choosing go casual!
Maybe you have introduced dress down Fridays, well it’s a start!

The impact of wearing your own clothes rather then a ‘uniform’ can have a significant impact on your team, and in a good way.
Productivity tends to increase, people feel more comfortable in their environment, and customers receive better service…something that everyone strives for when running a business.
Rules can be established to ensure people do not become too experimental with their clothing options. There is still a level of professionalism and dignity to be adhered to, granted, but if people are treated like the adults they are with the freedom of choice for clothes, then naturally they will respect the office. And if they don’t, is it a massive problem to tell someone not to wear that ripped pair of jeans or belly top? Surely more difficult discussions have been had in business!

Still not convinced…trial it! Your employees will surely will be delighted with being given this trust and respect of coming into work in their own clothes. Give them the option of smart or casual.
It might not work for everyone, but don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be stuck in the retro stigma of office wear in the workplace.
Keep it fresh and keep up with the ever changing times of today.

Written by Kimberley Bailey-Sumner
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